Hyperconvexity [ongoing series]

Invited speaker:
Mohamed Amine Khamsi
University of Texas at El Paso, USA

Lecture #1: Hahn-Banach Theorem in Metric Spaces – An Introduction to Hyperconvexity [February 4, 2020 8.00PM (Indochina time: GMT+07.00)]
Lecture #2: More on: Hyperconvex Metric Spaces [June 30, 2020 8.00PM (Indochina time: GMT+07.00)] Join here
Lecture #3: Fixed Point Theory in Hyperconvex Metric Spaces [July 14, 2020 9.00PM (Indochina time: GMT+07.00)] Join here.

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Lecture #1: Slides / Video
Lecture #2: Slides / –
Lecture #3: Slides / Video

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